Swapping CMS Server - Associating Customer CMS with Existing Signs


We have 300 signs in-house running Xibo Version 3.0.3. We normally use another signage platform but are exploring Xibo.

We have a customer who wishes to bring their own Xibo server and content to control our signs. Their CMS server would be assigned the DNS address ours uses and we would supply the CMS Secret Key to them.

Is that sufficient for the signs to be associated with their server or would each sign require a direct interaction to make it see their server?

You can either choose from the display to move them to a different/new CMS server or to connect/register them again.

Thank you for the reply. It sounds like either way each display would need to be “touched” briefly to get new CMS controlling them? In GUI for transfer to a new CMS it only appears possible to do one at a time.

There is an other way, but be aware you could break the new database…

I have been able to move the database with displays from old to a new database. BUT I was testing worst case scenarios.
First things first, make sure the current CMS and new CMS are on the same version. Database tend to change with each upgrade, there is always a script running after a succesfull CMS update/upgrade of Xibo. Just move the records from one Database to the other and rename the server to the current/old one.

My current CMS is a fresh docker with no changes in database which is also support by Xibo team (support contract).

Excellent, thank you! I appreciate your help!