Subplaylist Issue Causes Interaction Errors

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I’ve a couple layouts that call each other using an interactive action (taping the screen). The first layout (I’ll call it the “Home” page) is a simple layout that has a subplaylist with two videos in it at the moment. When the user taps anywhere on the screen, it redirects you to another layout that has a webpage and a big button to bring you back to the home page. This webpage acts as a simple directory. (Screenshots below show the layouts in the designer preview in Xibo) It should also be noted that this is the default layout. There are no other layouts scheduled to this display.

For some reason, however, the subplaylist on the home page will sometimes (not always) freeze once it finishes playing the second and final video in the subplaylist. And when it does so, I attempt to tap on the screen to have it go to the second ‘directory’ layout, but the player just reverts to the Xibo splash screen and it essentially crashes. Otherwise, when the subplaylist isn’t frozen, the interactions work just fine. I’ve also gone ahead and screenshotted the log when the playlist freezes. I can’t quite make out what the issue might be based upon the log.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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