Sub-playlist content rotation functionality


It would be great if you could make sub-playlists play a different item every time that layout comes up in the rotation.

User Story

I have met several people who have requested this functionality.

Let’s say you got a few normal layouts in the rotation. Then there is one layout that must play one of three images (stored in a playlist) every time it comes up. Not all three of them in succession as it is now but only one of them and not the same one as last time.

So you would have something like this in scheduling.

Layout 1 scheduled on OutdoorScreen.
Layout 2 scheduled on OutdoorScreen.
Layout 3 scheduled on OutdoorScreen.

This Layout 3 would have to display a different ad each time. The point of this is to enable multiple advertisers to have ads in the same spot / time allocation. This has been deemed very important!

Have you looked at the Interrupt Layout functionality?
An Interrupt Layout will play 1 Widget from each Region in its entirety at each ‘interrupt’ so you would get a different ad shown at each interrupt interval.

Thanks! I tried using an Interrupt Layout on an Android device but couldn’t get it to work. Player and CMS versions are recent so that shouldn’t be an issue. Could you give me an example scheduling? Like if I have a layout with three images. Should I use always or custom dayparting? Is there a specific value for share of voice that I should set?

You need to ensure that you have Android R205 and ideally v2.3.3 CMS, as there were known issues in earlier versions.

After upgrading you would also need to create a fresh ‘Interrupt Schedule’ to trigger the existing schedules to be properly updated.

Do come back to us if you are still experiencing issues with this.

My Android version was R205 but CMS was v2.2.2. Do you have a timeline for when this feature comes to the Windows player?

This is currently being worked on, which we will announce once ready. Sorry I don’t have anything more than that, but as this is a complex piece of work it is hard to put timescales in place.

We have just released Xibo for Windows v2 R253 which includes support for the Interrupt Layout.

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