Sub-Playlist - (Add-on-Playlists)

Hello Dan,

Already thinking about the operation of the Playlist. I analyzed some market software such as Scala.

They have a concept of Sub-Playlist, which allows a playlist part of another playlist.

Example: Currently we can include media content within a playlist. The Scala also allows you to include a playlist as other content, thereby generating facility organization and automation to the user.

This is already in development in 1.8 series

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This is a make-or-break feature for me. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to make Xibo work for us based on our use cases, and as of now I can’t see it happening without sub-playlists. I use Scala now and really want to move over to Xibo. We’re really going to need Xibo to handle sub-playlists very similarly to Scala (ex. having options to “Play All Items” vs “Play specified # of items”).

Agreed. There’s another post about randomizing the playlist. But really, what we want is this. To play a specific number of items on the playlist, then on the next run to play the next items on it. and so on.

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