Stuck "Display is downloading new files"


If I change the content my display status shows display is out of date and then display is downloading new files. It will update but keeps saying “Display is downloading new files”. I’m using a Minix Neo X7 Firmware 240 also using Xibo_for_Android_v1.7_R57 with Xibo v1.75.
What rooted firmware do you recommend for the Minix Neo x7 so I can update it remotely?


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Regarding firmware, you can get the newest firmware from minix.
Regarding rooted device, please see - Rooting a Device

Regarding the original problem, could you please make sure that date/time settings on your device are correct?
Do you have your device licensed or is it still on trial licence?

Also screenshot of status window could help us, so if you can please share it with us.

Do you by any chance have webpages/tickers/datasets on your layout? (with presumably update interval set to a very low value)

Hey Peter,

Date and Time are set correctly. The device is licensed.

I don’t have access to the machine at the moment but I’m going to program up another Minix x7 and switch it out to see if that works when I get a chance.

I do have a Ticker set to 2min.

If it’s possible you should add a “Request Screen Shot for Status Screen” in the future. :smile:


Well then, please have a look at this article :wink:

Thanks Peter…

Could you please try ‘verify all’ from modules page in CMS and let the player download it, it seems to be missing few dependencies there, are you using sd card or internal storage?

Hi Peter,

I tried the “Verify All” but still showing “Display is downloading new files”.
I’m using internal storage.


Could you try to tick the ‘Use public storage?’ and select the first option under ‘Storage Options’ it should attempt to download files again, perhaps it won’t fail this time. Unfortunately you’ll need direct access to the device to make this change.

Also you tried to push new apk (not sure what apk if you already have R57) but this device is not rooted so Xibo doesn’t have SuperUser permissions - that’s regarding this issue, I guess you already knew that.