Streaming with Android XIBO player

Hi friends,

This is my first topic, I have been testing for several days Android Xibo solution and I’m very happy with it. But I have a problem with streaming and I need your help.

I’m testing with version 1.7.7 playing back a streaming sourced on a TVgateway (DVB-T to IP). I have played his streams with VLC in XIBO but I can’t with Xibo player.
Streaming addrees is rtsp:// and I can play without problems in my laptop too. You can see streaming details in this screenshot

But I can’t play this streaming with Xibo player (local video zone)

I have tested play through uPNP prtocol the same channel (local video zone) with the following address and it works but in 4:3 (in my laptot I see orriginal aspect ratio 16:9). You can see streaming details in the following screenshot

I can’t find differences between both streamings (codecs, resolution…) and I don’t understand why one is played and another no.

Can you help me, please?

Thankns in advance for your help.

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The video playback is entirely down to the device you’re using and Android’s ability to play that content. All Xibo for Android does is ask the device to play a stream at the address you give.

DVB signals are infact transmitted in 4:3 aspect ratio, and then stretched. You can see in your video feed properties that the feed resolution is 720x576 which is 4:3 aspect ratio. VLC stretches the image for you. You would need to have VLC transcode the video stream so that it is actually a 16:9 aspect ratio for it to be shown correctly.

Thanks Alex,

I understand your explanation for 4:3 and 19:9 differences :slight_smile:

Main issue for our project now is know why one of them (Enjoy TV Android box) can play MPEG2 rtsp stream and other (Minix z64) can’t. I think it is depending on his native internal player, but I’m not sure how I can confirm it.

Can you help me?

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