Strange website display issue


Xibo: 3.2.1
Client: Android R3 307 (Trial)

I want to integrate a CheckMK dashboard.

I set the widget to the “Dispaly web page” type. Entered URL and set it to open it native.

However, it seems, that there are CSS issues or similar.

It SHOULD look like:

But inside client (Linux and Android doing the same) it looks like:

The single “widgets” inside the web page are missing.

Question: How to debug and help you improving? Is there anything I (you?) can do?

I have the same behavior with android players.
Some dashboard sites, or sites that have a more complex type of JavaScript or CSS can no longer be interpreted by Xibo’s software depending on the Android version. Older versions can interpret the site via the browser, but it does not have the same effect on the Xibo client.

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