Strange Time Problem

it is strange today…

When i schedule a Campain or a Layout to display, i choose the time when the Content is displayed.

16:30 in the Schedulesite and save, it was displayed 16:01… Thats happend everytime wenn I plan an Action…with every time it set…

Under Display -> Last Access is it the same issue… Only 15:01, 16:01, 17:01 is display although the “Display-Poll-Rate” is about 1minute…

I think yesterday or the day bevor, it works correctly.

I do a lot of work on the Apache last 2 Days (SSL, Certifikate uso…)so if i do an failure ? Or is it everything with the maintanence.php ?

Can everybody help me ?

Greetings Torsten

Is this on 1.8.0-rc2 CMS and windows 1.8.0-rc2 client?

So it would seem that it connect to the CMS every hour, that would seem rather odd, assuming that your collection interval in a display profile assigned to your device is not set to 1h of course.

You can also double check that timezone in cms, server, client PC are all the same and correct.

Are there any errors on status window?

Hi Peter,

No, its on 1.7.9.

All clients run in same Timezone and Time.

No, Also no Errors or something…

Sorry, Im to tired today to work on. I go and have a beer with some colleague… :wink:

Good Morning from Germany,

Today i make it a bit easyer then yesterday. I think my Xibo-installation ist damaged, so i make a fullbackup of the DB an Files. Set up a new installation of Xibo on a new webserver. So i have a look an that Problem (for now the problem is gone).

We look further whats happen in the future… I report wenn everything is wrong about that.

Thank für your support

Greetings Torsten