Strange date formatting behaviour in CMS (1.7.5)

Hi Xibo folks,

i’m getting a strange date formatting behaviour on our cms (installed on a webserver from our ISP) - the date formatting seems to be broken somehow, as it displays impossible dates in the display list and the statistics (for example).

Please see the two pictures attached, showing the problem - it might be due to german language settings or something? Has anyone experienced this behaviour before?

Thanks for any helpful hints…

Best regards


Yeah, I’ll guess that you have ‘Show international dates?’ ticked and date format set to YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss?
Please confirm the above, but that’s most likely the case.

Unfortunately it will be incorrectly displayed on the statistics page.

1.8 handles date formats differently so you won’t encounter this type of problem there, but it will take us some time to fully release it, at the moment 1.8 is in alpha stages.

Hi Peter,

i have actually set the “Show international Dates” Option, but the format is still “d-m-Y H:i” - will changing it to the format mentioned by you have any effect on the date display? Will it only be broken on the statistics page?

Thanks for the info

Well basically when you have this ‘Show international dates’ checkbox ticked then dates on statistics page will be wrong.

So if you want to see some statistics I’d recommend to untick it :smile:

Alright - thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to 1.8 !

Best regards