Status display fail on CMS 1.7.3

I am using CMS 1.7.2 with android client R53 and work fine. Installing CMS 1.7.3 and same client (client display ok the conent) but display status is “X”. On inventory media have report media type resource complete NO (number relative to text elements on timelines for layout).

Thanks for help me.

Not allowed me to upload screenshots.

Please can you go to the Modules screen in the CMS and run the “Verify all” routine, then restart your Player.

Thanks for the suggestion, but install a local server with CMS 1.7.3 all work well, perhaps it’s my hosting server, the local server has apache2handler and server hosting work on php fastcgi handler.
Can this be?
I can fix this?
In hostig server changes the “X” status to ready in 40 minutes. (very slow)


It’s impossible to comment on the suitability of some third party setup to host Xibo I’m afraid. It sounds to me however like some of your module files aren’t installed correctly, and that’s why you’re getting those messages.

I follow the suggested installation instructions ( Any special suggestions for the installation of the modules?
Its recommendations are welcome.

Thank You.

You visit the Modules page in the CMS and click “Verify All”