Status cross, downloads pending and not downloading

Hello, new here and very enthousiastic about Xibo.

Installed Webos on a LG 43UH5F. No problems installing but not showing any content (a black screen) probably because of the missing media? There is a constant cross at the status. How can I solve this? Thank you very much in advance.

Hello and welcome to the Community!

So the X status is telling you that a download is in progress with pending changes. If this is not updating take a look at your Display Profile Settings to make sure that the Collect Interval is set to a sensible value.

Xibo for webOS includes free support desk assistance so please do open a ticket so that one of our support agents can assist you further to troubleshoot this.

Thank you for your reply. It is 5 minutes.

Besides that Supports says the firmware must be updated. Although that didn’t work yet by USB… (not FAT32 or NFTS). There must be a way to that by wifi I would suppose but just can’t find it.

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I understand that this has been resolved via our helpdesk support team :+1:

Yes it is solved. Thank you!

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