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Good afternoon everyone.
I’m starting to use the Xibo.
In server’m with the 1.7.3 version and some customers with 1.7.2 and 1.7.3.
Some customers are with unkwon status, and I am unable to understand what is happening.
Have efetuei to update the clients.
I do not know if it’s relevant, but the clients use a cubieboard with android 4.0.4.
Algume been through these problems?

Can you describe what you mean by “Unknown Status” ?

In view of the displays, the status column is with an exclamation point stating “Unknown Status Display”. but the inventory of media, shows that there was updating the videos.

That is very strange then - Unknown Display Status would usually indicate that the Display hasn’t ever reported a successful download cycle.

Do you have any errors on your Player side in the Player Status Window?

Good night Dan

I really think very strange because it is intermittent this error.
This week I’m with almost all players with this status.
My concern is that I need daily atulizar some videos.
I do not know if it could be the hardware, as antriormente said, I’m using cubieboard 1 with Android 4.0.4.

Have the “unknowns” ever been set to anything else?

We are experiencing this problem on a number of displays, Roughly 20% of them. I turned on Auditing for the CMS and the displays. Everything seems normal. Checked the Media Inventory, everything reports as downloaded and the number of items is correct. Checked recent logs; none. Looked at the status screen; everything looks normal. Watched the screens, the last items, in this case two jpg images, added to the playlist are not there.

Only way to fix it is to reboot the device. :flushed: Cache problem maybe?? But then again, holding on to old playlist??

Goodnight Dan
I have followed the log of displays.
The status has been an unknown.
Attached follows a file with logs collected.
Are there any plans for temporary maintenance?

Thank you.

4223507 2015-05-20 00:48:50 XMDSSoap4 NotifyStatus {“availableSpace”:“2535493632”, “totalSpace”:“2734546944”}
4223505 2015-05-19 23:50:38 Client UuidGenerator Unable to get Mac Address: ConnectivityService: Neither user 10041 nor current process has android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE.
4223504 2015-05-20 00:48:50 XMDSSoap4 SubmitLog XML log: UuidGeneratorUnable to get Mac Address: ConnectivityService: Neither user 10041 nor current process has android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE.
4223502 2015-05-20 00:48:49 XMDSSoap4 RegisterDisplay <?xml version="1.0"?>

The unknown state should be “out of date” state:

Has your display ever connected correctly? It may be a license issue, i.e. the device thinks you are on a trial licence and the licence expires - creating an intermittent connection issue.

What licence do you see on the device status screen?

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