Statistics: Availability tab blank (v 1.7.5)

Using 1.7.5 I noticed that in the statistics the availability section is empty, even with multiple days of player activity. Bandwidth and playback statistics work fine though. I’ve tested this with Chrome, Safari and Firefox (each latest version on Mac OS X 10.11.1) with different preferred languages and different timezones and date formattings in the regional settings.

Using the web developer console I can see this error appearing when I hover over the empty tab:

hoverContentForRowmorris.min.js:6:29310TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'd.label')

There are no other errors on the page. Do you have a suggestion to fix this?

Try the setting “enable stats recording” in the display settings

We have one display with a profile where that settings is active and from this display we get the display available time.


Thank you Speedy. I already tried that. The availability tab began working when I provoked a downtime.