Starting Xibo Android App automatically on Firestick

I have the Xibo android app running on a Amazon Firestick and it works well. However, the firestick is plugged into the TV’s usb so when the TV turns on schedule, the firestick boots up. But problem is that this launches the firestick in the home screen. I tried an app called Launch on Boot but Xibo doesn’t show as an option for that app.

Does anyone have a workaround for this please?


Hi John2k
I use Launch on Boot.
I hope that the player for Linux that also supports videos will be released as soon as possible


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Is this the same Launch on Boot as this: GitHub - ITVlab/Launch-On-Boot: Launches a TV app when the device boots ?

Because i’ve loaded this app but I cannot find Xibo in the list of apps to choose from

Strange thing is that I have left the firestick permanently plugged into mains and so now only the TV turns on and off and goes back to the correct HDMI input. But weirdly when the TV wakes up the Fire TV seems to go back to the home screen. Seeing as the Fire TV and Xibo is continuously running, what could be causing it to go to home screen?

It may have something to do with the “Still watching” feature being turned on on the Firestick. I’ve turned that off and will monitor it and see if it helps.

Maybe HDMI CEC return signal.
We talk about that on some topics on this forum.