Spring Signage KB - Statistics


Since it looks like you have been tasked with creating the Spring Signage KBs, can I request one about Statistics for version 1.8? I see that we now need to specifically check the option in Display Settings, but we are wondering about a number of variables. Like if the setting to collect the statistics is not set, does the client still collect the information but not send it? If so, when the option to collect the statistics is set, will the client then send what it has collected, or then just start collecting and send back the data then? Also how often are the statistics sent from the client to the CMS? Can this interval be adjusted?

Currently it looks like we have to wait 24 hours before getting data back after setting the displays to return the data.

@Peter, I am curious if this request is being considered.

Yes it is, stay tuned :wink:


You just need to adjust the date filter. It shows yesterday by default.

Thank you Peter!

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