Split Players for Displays


I would like the ability to insert ‘split players’, let me explain.

I have 5 displays in different parts of the UK, lets say London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol.

I would like to be able to insert something that allows me to insert an item in a playlist but that item actually contains 5 images that say ‘welcome to london’, ‘welcome to birmingham’ etc…and then a default image that just says ‘welcome’ and then the ability to assign that image to that display (maybe using the display name) so when it reaches that item in the playlist it automatically plays the correct image for the correct display.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi and welcome back.

You should be able to achieve this using a DataSet which contains two columns: Display Id and Image. Then in your layout, have a dataset ticker which returns 1 item only, filtered by your display id column and the macro [DisplayId].

The image in the dataset is probably best as a Library Image column type, so that you can have those uploaded into the library and pick them.