Splash Screen Help

Hi, I looking at putting my own splash screen up. Any preference on, is it a image is so what is the best size to work with etc. Many Thsnks


In effort to help, the splash screen you wish to replace is on the Windows client is that correct? Also, can you share which version of the client you are using?

The splash screen appears to be a an image in jpg format. My guess is that the image should at least match your aspect ratio, and would be best if it was the same resolution as the display it will be showing on.

If you are using a older version of Xibo you might look here.

Hi, yes currently using the Windows version of xibo, and the most currently player and CMS, that’s what j wanted to know does it have to be the same ratio, but what if I had different display would have to create different size splash screens. Or can you chuck anything into it and it would adjust to your player ratio.

It looks like it will adjust the height of the image to 100% and then the width is adjust accordingly.
This could cause a wide image to go off the screen I think.

You might look here for a better understanding.

Also looks like a png file is now used for the splash screen. At least that is what Xibo is using. Which makes since when you talk about scaling an image, as they scale better being a raster image. I take that back.

That’s cool cheers, I’ll try PNG and like you say in the script it must adjust and scale itself. Many thanks

Hi, I looking at putting my own splash screen up. Any preference on, is it a image is so what is the best size to work with etc.Jpeg,png,size Many Thsnks


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I am sure someone who knows the answer to your question will respond in time, and will hopefully respond to your original post. Keep in mind that you posted your question on a weekend and the people that will be most familiar with your request are the software designers. Therefore a question such as your will be most likely answered during the week.

I could not edit my first post for some reason, as I wanted to make it more clear what I was after, if it needed to be a JPEG,PNG AND THE SIZE if it was a image? Cheers

Ah I see. :smiley: That make since. Please see the original post.

Cheers I have and thank you for your input. Is any admin @alex @dan can merge of remove this topic/post because it is duplicated because I could not edit it on Saturday. Many thanks