Splash Screen and layout are alternating

I’m using xibo client v2 R256.7 and i configured a layout to play with 3 videos along the vertical axis, it’s working on a vertical 1x3 videowall. previously I had a prior version (v2 254.1) but it seemed to turn screen black and not playing my layout after some time. I read that newer versions fixed that problem and… well it did but everytime it finishes playing the layout it start playing it again and after about 10 secons it alternates and shows the splash screen. It happens with some media only but the weird thing is that, although I found some media that did not cause trouble using my pc, when I assign that media to other pcs it starts doing it again.
Also, whenever it happens, the player information and status displays this error twice

1/12/2021 1:16:54 PM Video MediaElement_Loaded: 20108 Open not called after 4 seconds, marking unsafe and Expiring.

Hi Alejandro_Maldonado,

Thank you for the information about your setup and the issue you’re experiencing. Can you confirm which version of Windows you are using for your video wall setup?

Many Thanks.

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Hi, Dan!

I’m currently using windows 10 for all my tests an this video wall setup is using also Windows 10 in a micro pc. A wintel pro w8.

Thanks to you!

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