Sony Bravia Android player resolution and orientation

I have a number of new to us Bravia displays that are some of our first Android OS players (we have about 70 Windows OS players deployed on half a dozen cloud hosted sites, all v3)

We’re running player 3-311, and an example model is a fw-55bz40h
There are 3-4 different sizes but all are same vintage, purchased this past summer.

I cannot get the players to rotate to portrait orientation. Right now this is being worked around by rotating content sideways.

All of these displays are 4k, and all of them show in our instance with a 1080p display size. I was unable to find anything digging through display menus to change any scaling factor. Not a big deal on the 55" displays but it would at least be nice to show 4k content on the 85"

same issues present on a version 4 site with player 401 and latest firmware.
Xibo ticket open, and developers are working with Sony. we are also in contact directly with Sony reps. Claims have been made on the Sony side for direct support coming rather than having to sideload. If and when that happens I expect all this to be resolved. Timeline TBD.

None of these issues will be resolved without development work between Sony and Xibo. I am told from both sides - Xibo support and Sony engineering - that this work is under way. Timelines from Sony have already slipped on related work from this past summer to December, so we’ll see when Xibo actually becomes a first-party supported application and not something that must be side loaded.

I came across this topic when searching for something else; thanks for keeping the community informed.

I am hoping we will have Android TV support fairly soon, which will include Sony Bravia models and some Sony specific functionality (reboot, screen on/off, video in).

Once the basic support is available we will consider whether we can facilitate remote application upgrade, which will require Xibo to write a separate application specific to Sony which has this capability.

Portrait orientation is something Sony is still working on, so I have no news on that yet unfortunately.

Thank you, dan!
We’ve gotten early access to the Sony Device Management portal, and I just got a test version of the new player as well, so I’ll have some feedback to share in the coming weeks I’m sure. It’s great to see this progressing between both companies, I have high hopes of these working nearly as smoothly as a PC based player soon.

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Just a bit of public feedback on the Sony management portal:

It is a re-brand of Signageos CloudControl. The demo opened to us 4-6 months later than we were initially promised. We keep getting 30 day extensions while they fiddle around on pricing and decide whether or not they’re actually going to go forward with this offering. We’re giving up on Sony and are working to go direct to signageos CloudControl for android display MDM.

Thanks for the feedback - we are still working with Sony on all of the above.

We have the following working in our current release:

  • Reboot
  • Video In
  • Screen off (but not screen on)
  • Screenshot (without video)

We are working on:

  • Screen on
  • Screenshot (including video)
  • Set orientation
  • Install/update APK

I can’t give you any precise timelines, but I’m expecting to be able to “soon” if you’re prepared to wait a little longer.