Some Layouts are not displayed on the Programming screen

I created 6 campaigns, and 6 Layouts, all layouts are published and have content.
I see all campaigns and Layouts in the Campaigns and Layouts list!

However, on the PROGRAMMING screen, when I click on the “Layout/Campaign” Dropdown to create a filter, in the “Layouts” section where all layouts should be listed, 2 layouts are not being displayed.

All 6 campaigns are displayed, however, only 4 of the 6 existing layouts are listed.

If I type the name of the missing Layouts in the Dropdown search field, it appears and I can select it normally. and the filter is applied.

  • I did a test:
    I created more layouts, but the dropdown continues to display only 4 layouts.

What could be causing this?

Hi @lgwebforum , are you using CMS version 4.0.4 ?

Kind Regards,


Yes, 4.0.4

See, Yesterday i create more layouts, (11), and today, all 11 layouts are be displayed.

I don’t know what happen’t, but now, everything is ok.

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