[SOLVED!] Xibo CMS V4 is significantly slower than previous versions (On Windows/Windows Server)

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2024 be very productive and blessed.

Hey, those of you who have Xibo V4 installed on Windows Server/Windows, can you share some ideas on how to optimize the speed of the CMS in this version?
I ask this because I have instances of both V3 and V4 installed on my Windows server, and for some reason, version 4 is significantly slower in all aspects than V3 (which I have yet to discover the reason for).

I’ve already reviewed the PHP settings, increased the RAM limit, etc… It improved a bit but still (too much) slow.

Can you provide any tips on what I might be overlooking?

Thanks to everyone!

I found the problem, folks!
(It’s a bit embarrassing, haha)
Sometimes we get so used to things that when everything seems right, it actually isn’t.

The problem was simply that the “zend_extension=opcache” was disabled in my PHP.ini.

Here’s a heads-up for those using Xibo on Windows:
Make sure to enable OPCache correctly.


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