[Solved] Recurring did not work

this is my event setting… with this i expect to display the live traffic layout at 17:00 to 17:30 everyday until this end of month.

remark: i set this at 25 march but it did not auto update the date at 26 march

however this did not work… is it my setting wrong?

The settings look right to me.

If you go to the schedule month view for the display VIE-DEMO1-PC you should see lots of these now:

One on the 25th, 26th, 27th etc

That shows you that there’s a recurring schedule on those days. Clicking on any one of those symbols will open your ORIGINAL schedule form, showing the first time the event happened and the repeat setup. It won’t be different for each day, but the event will apply on each day as the symbol shows.


hello Alex

For daily no problem for me but this is only one.

i want to plan a campaign every Monday for example, i put the same parameter to Tang excepted for repeats where i put weekly but when you show monthly view events appear in all day .

Can you help me


@whynotlinux Can you tell me exactly what values you put in the schedule?

Thks @Alex

It works well…

@whynotlinux I just tested the following on 1.7.2 and it works as expected:

Start Time: 2015-04-02 09:00
End Time: 2015-04-02 17:00

Repeats: Weekly
Repeat every: 1
Until: 2015-04-09 18:00

The CMS then correctly shows the event on Thursday 2nd and Thursday 9th as expected.

oups it is my false i put a end Time in next year with good parameter it’s work thanks

but i found a bug (i think)

can you try testing this :

Start Time: 2015-04-01 00:00
End Time: 2015-04-01 23:55

Repeats: Weekly
Repeat every: 1
Until: 2016-04-09 18:00

i have this message

Can not have an end time earlier than your start time

Can you check that the times your getting on the schedule are the ones you’re clicking. We’re investigating an issue where the date entered isn’t the one you chose:

I just recently ran into a need to display content every 15 minutes on all of my displays. I set the layout containing the content to repeat every 15 minutes for a month. The results are tons of the repeat signs (96), one for each repeat on a day. Is this correct? I scheduled it for 12 displays for a month each. This has made the scheduling user interface quite slow. Just looking for a bit of feedback to see if that is correct. I was expecting to see one repeat sign on each day to show that the layout was set to repeat.

The key is that your initial schedule should be for the first instance of the layout running only, and then subsequent ones are handled by the Repeat tab.

What alot of people do is try and schedule the whole time they want the layout to run, and then have it repeat, which gives you multiple duplicate schedules all starting at the repeat interval (and that’s exactly what happened above).

Generally “every 15 minutes” scheduling can better be handled by having other layouts scheduled simultaneously that mean that given fair rotation, the layout in question does get shown every 15 minutes. (ie by having the other layouts scheduled last a combined time of 10 minutes assuming the layout to be shown every 15 minutes lasts 5 minutes)

Interesting. In my case, I have a layout that has two webpages in the timeline for 60 seconds each (2 minutes in total). This layout is set as the default layout, and just repeats automatically. We are seeing display instability (screens just go white, receive a white back ground with a big red thin lined X across the screen) with internally designed web pages while jpeg and videos play fine for long periods of time. We are wanting to do some trouble shooting by inserting a layout with a jpeg but only want it to show up every 15 minutes (this means the 2 minute default layout would cycle through 7-ish time before the jpeg would start). In this case we simply scheduled the jpeg layout on the display for two months repeating every 15 minutes, in hopes to see if the problem is our webpages, client hardware, Xibo,etc.

If I understand your response, you might suggest that I simply add the web pages in the time line 7 times each for 60 seconds total to make the layout 14 minutes long, removing the need to even set the layout with the jpeg to repeat?

No. With your additional explanation then scheduling is the correct approach.