[Solved]How to delete forever media from library?

Hello All,

We use Xibo 1.7.2.
In media library, what dfference delete and retire and how to delete the media without showing in the retired library?

If you delete forever then the media is gone and is deleted from the server.

If you retire, then the media remains on the server (and in use on other layouts) but isn’t shown in the default view of the library. You can show retired media in the library using the filter.

But when i try to delete the media, showing option is just retire and 3 unnasign option. And still show in retired media?

And without option to delete forever

In that case the media is in active use in another layout so Xibo won’t allow you to delete it. You’d need to remove it from the other layouts first.

Even choose unassign from all and retire, the delete option didnt show up, is this a bug may be?

You have to unassign for each layout the media is used in. You can’t do it centrally.

So what the function of tidy library if cant do that?
Because i think when we tidy the lib, all unused media willretire?
Even i try to unassign one by one, the delete option still didnt show up

No. That’s not what the library tidy does. That deletes files from the server library folded that aren’t in the database.

Oke alex, thanks for answering. I will update again later :slight_smile:

It solved @alex, the problem is that media linked to template, not the layout like i think before. Thanks so much