Solution to Marquee Blur/Jitter

Dear Developers,

i have read alot of topics users complaining about Marquee and i think that the marquee you have is working on 30fps on 60fps monitors/screens

please check this link
i have tested the page on NEO X8-H Plus | Minix browser and the 60fps marquee is extreamly smooth, while in xibo it is showing exactly like the 30fps one in the bottom.


it looks like using the default html marquee tag on google chrome is the best and it is runs better than any js or css solution, try to open the below link on chrome first and then other browsers

Thank you for your analysis - we’ve been round and round the houses on the marquee effect in Xibo. At the current time (in 1.7 and 1.8) we use this

We don’t progressively enhance <marquee> tags with our current implementation, because on our last round of testing the marquee tag performed badly.

We could consider a change to use the above plugin on windows and leave raw <marquee> tags on Android. I have submitted an enhancement request to investigate.

Dear Dan,

thanks for taking thins into considration, please correct the enhancment topic on github

Will need to maintain existing plugin for IE. Plugin supports progressive enhancement, so perhaps we could use tags and only apply the plugin when using Chrome (browser detect required).

change chrome to IE so only use the js plugin when using IE and use the html maequee tag on chrome.


We’ve run an extensive review of the jQuery plugin we currently use vs the native marquee tag and have not been able to find any improvement when using the native tag. This matches our experiences during the last 3 or 4 times we researched the same.

In particular 30 fps vs 60 fps is the same regardless of whether the plugin or marquee is used.

The marquee tag has been deprecated for some time and could be removed from browsers at any time (the link in your code example to the MDN shows this too).

At this point I am not sure what we can do - other than looking at CSS3 animations to see if that will provide a better solution.

Dear Dan,

i agree that marquee tag has been deprecated, but it looks like chrome has hardware acceleration support for it.

regarding css it has no any additional benefit over jquery/js plugin i have tried alot of methods and the best one i saw in android is the default marquee tag.

now i have to mention something very important that if you tested on android 4.4 you might have an old version of webview it might not support marquee tag very well.

i did my testing on xibo with android 6.0.1 beelink GT1 and the results was perfect.