So many broken things in Xibo v4

We upgraded to Xibo 4.05 with a newer version of Xampp (PHP 8.2).
So far:
Our clocks broke
Our JS Gauges broke
The fly-in transitions seem to be off (one that should pop up from the bottom comes from the right side)
Dataset Elements are missing the Ticker option
Many elements don’t display in the designer or preview, such as a daily jpg and icalendar8 that’s hosted on the Xibo server.
Calendar design and preview don’t show real data, only the sample data.
Calendar in the player is blank. I can download the ICS from and read it, and it shows in icalendar.

I would love to use Datasets to get more data, but not supporting JSON logins is limiting me on what I can import.

Are any of these problems fixed in 4.07, or should I wait for a bigger release?

Several points you mention have been resolved in 4.0.7

Try to update