SMTP & Notifications

we switched from a non-docker CMS to the latest Docker image (3.0.3).
All is running fine till the mail notifications.
In our non-docker Environment the mail-notifications was working fine.

In the config.env i just enabled following:
All other SMTP Settings are commented out (we are not using a gmail-account).

I also exectued docker-composer down && docker-composer up after editing config.env

With “telnet mymailserver 25” I can also login and send Mails from the host.

What can I also try? Is there a debugmode or a logfile for sending mails?

Thank you very much

Our SMTP-Server allows sending mails from a specific subnet.
Maybe xibo can not send mail notification, because the container has a IP in the range

I am answering my own question =)

I can send mails inside the container with sendmail. I am receiving this mails.
But xibo do not send notification emails.

I just wonder why, because we did not change any settings before or after migrate to docker.

In Log I can also see following:

me again. I think i found the Problem:
When I did a little debugging I got messages like “Message Body empty”.

So I did following in EmailNotificationsTask.php:
$mail->AltBody = $notification->body;
$mail->Body = $notification->body;
//$mail->Body = $this->generateEmailBody($notification->subject, $notification->body);

From now Xibo is sending the notification Emails to the users.

We are using the docker image 3.0.3. Can someone confirm this is a bug?

Christian, maybe you can help me:
How do you configured you STMP mail settings on a non-docker instalation?

I tryin to do this, by no success…