Small thing: 1.8.1 doesn't animate media in the CMS

Hey all,

This is just a small thing I’ve noticed with the v1.8.1 CMS, but media(.gifs specifically) are no longer shown animated in the library, layout design view, or layout preview. The media does still play correctly on the 1.8.1 players. The 1.7.6 version of the CMS did show media as animated while viewing it in the library or when designing/previewing layouts.

It was nice having the CMS content display the same as it appears on the players, if only for the designer’s sanity. Is this a setting I can tweak?


As far as I remember 1.7 series did not have even image thumbnails on the library page (while 1.8 does), as for the preview, I believe it should work the same way it always had.

If you could show me an example it could be easier to see the difference.

Hi Peter.

1.7 does do thumbnails, but they’re not on by default. If you click on “Filter” at the top right of the 1.7 Media page, the filter options expand and a checkbox shows up to turn on thumbnails. Then if you click on a thumbnail the original media/image/clip pops up. In 1.7 that popup showed the full, animated clip, but in 1.8 it’s just a static view of the first frame of animation. That’s not really a big deal though.

What is kind of a problem is the same thing happens on the Layout Preview screen, where Xibo renders the Layout as it would appear on displays. I’ve taken a screen grab of the two side by side. 1.7.6 is on the left, 1.8.1 is on the right. Please don’t blame me for the Layout content in the example! I’m not the designer! :sweat:


I’d need to test that with some gif, I don’t think I’ve ever tried that to be honest, not in the library at least.

Edit: Now I can see the comparison

Could you send me this layout please so we can confirm that here locally?
You’d need to upload it to dropbox/googledrive and share the download link with me via pm.

Edit 2 Thanks I’ll wait for the pm, I’ll probably check it out tomorrow though, so no rush.

Sure, I’ll PM you a Google Drive link now.

Once the layout is imported, you can also try viewing Travolta in the Library. :grinning:

Thanks for looking into this.

Edit: Actually, I don’t see a compose option in the messages center. Are new users restricted from PMs?

The welcome PM from Dan says new users should reply to that PM to communication with staff, so I’ve sent a note and the Google drive link to Dan. Hopefully he sees it and forwards it on.

Yes, I’ve received your message with layout :slight_smile:

Which basically confirmed what you were saying, in 1.7.9 .gif is animated in library (after clicking on the thumbnail) and in preview.

While in 1.8 it appears as a static image in both places.

There were some changes made to both library and preview/layout designer between 1.7.9 and 1.8.1 we will look into it and see what could be improved there.

Excellent, thanks. :slight_smile: