Small picture in vertical layout


Excuse my english, i’m french.
I installed Xibo (1.6.3) on RHEL, and clients are running on Windows XP
Everything is going very well on horizontal screens.
Unfortunately, on the vertical screen, the image will not switch to full screen, as shown in the following image :
In the layout, the Region fills all space. I have the impression that everything is ok.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you for the answer.

The layout needs to be setup for a portrait screen.

If you show a landscape layout on a portrait screen it will do exactly as your photo shows - with black bars top and bottom.

my layout is yet in portrait mode (1080*1920) :o(
The resolution of my picture is 72ppp. Do you think that my problem is depending of this criteria?

And is the player setup to use that resolution?

Hi Alex,
Im trying to use a portrait layout. My system has portrait resolution But im not able to display my images in portrait modes. Please find the screen shot of the portrait screen.

Looks to me like the display was rotated while Xibo was running? If you start it up with the display in that orientation it should work correctly.

Alternatively you may have to manually define the display resolution in the Player settings/display settings profile

Hi alex,

The display resolution, the layout resolution are same as well as the player’s display settings.

Please suggest. Thanks.

Please see my previous response. You need to ensure the Player starts up after the screen is rotated, or fix the size/position of the player window in the settings.

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