Small Hardware for Xibo

We plan to run a monitor in the shop window. This should show the menus and also short videos.
We have already tried a Raspberry Pi for test purposes. Viewing is generally not a problem - but the video playback is not satisfactory.

We didn’t want a television or an all-in-one PC with its own operating system. We wanted a small computer - if possible the size of the Raspberry Pi.
Which hardware can be recommended here?

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are you planning on the Windows or Android player?
we have a handful of these, and they perform quote well with videos and twitter feed being displayed all day.
Shuttle NS02A
If you are going to run Windows, perhaps check out some of Shuttle’s other mini PCs?
So far, I have been pleased with Shuttle’s support. if you want a rooted device, just message them and they will send you instructions and the img file you need to do so.