Single Sign On Integration

It would be good if you could link Xibo to Active Directory / Shibboleth or a another means of using SSO for logging in

…or SSO via LDAP for the Linux / eDirectory / Other non-AD shops out there… :wink:

We have in project to add some functionnalities to Xibo, most of them through plugins where possible.
The most important of them is to add shibboleth sso authentification
I would love to see our work shared with as most people as possible but don’t know how to proceed with the official dev team
Any tips or links would be appreciated

We have a drafted implementation of SAML for 1.8 which should allow all of the above. It is being tested at the moment.

CMS Code:
Feature: Xibo SAML Service Provider

I believe that SAML will allow for Shibboleth, although admit to not being an expert in the area. Comments welcome.

For others that may find this topic, we now have a guide to contribution here:

Was the SAML branch for xibo-cms removed? Is this feature no longer being considered?

The branch feature/saml was removed when it was merged to main branch ie when it was done.

Saml integration - (or github manual link in Dan’s post)
Feature topic link in Dan’s post also has some details about this integration.

It’s 1.8 exclusive feature, we’ve recently released 1.8.0-rc1 version, full release should happen early next year.