Shuttle Nano Android PC

Continuing my quest for a reliable android player that isn’t crazy expensive and is easily available on the west side of the “pond” lol.

Amazon has the Shuttle XPC Nano NS02A and NS02E for $120 - $130 USD.

Specs look good, I kind of like the PoE model idea, rather than relying on Wifi and needing to worry about power for the device, just run 1 cable!
Also having VESA mounting would make deployment pretty versatile.

Has anyone on here used a device like this? if I get one I’ll report back for how well it works.

Just ordered one up.
As an update on these. I talked to a sales rep at Shuttle today, and he mentioned there is an Xibo reseller that uses these (orders in large quantities) and has been very happy with them!

That’s pricey. You can find the same chipset in other boards for quite a bit less. Let me know how it works out.

Will do.
One huge advantage before I have even received the device is emailing their “sales” email and within 10 minutes a guy calls my number from my email sig. He answered all my questions, got me in touch with their amazon business gal to get quantity discounts and sent me a link for a rooted image!
3 year warranty and so easy to get a hold of them!

Some of these other devices it is impossible to find even a manufacturer site for more details.

More details tomorrow or the next.

Ok, so far, initial setup was easy.
I haven’t tested wifi yet to know how fast it is, but the LAN connection downloaded my 6GB of content in just a few minutes.

Currently have it running a layout with 6x 720p videos in 480x270 sized regions. they are a tad bit choppy with or without using a SurfaceView for rendering (however it is smoother with it on).

I’m going to let this run for a while, maybe I’ll add 2 more videos just see if I can get the unit to overheat.

next step after that is to load the rooted image.

a nifty feature in their OS is the ability to schedule a reboot!

nice vanilla OS without a bunch of pre-installed apps

my current test setup:

Ok, 20 hour update.

Shuttle Nano is still running good, still have 6 videos playing and some scrolling text (embedded html).
there is no way any of the other devices I’ve tried would have run even 2 videos this long!

I have my layout with the 6 videos in a 3x2 grid at 640x360 each.

box hardly feels warm.

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Can you please share custom ROM ?

Hey, yes, here you go:

Extract that, read the document a few times to make sure you get the jist of it.
you might need to order up a USB cable that has a male end on either side.

They also have an android 8 version, but I haven’t asked for that yet to try.

well, apparently, I did ask for the Android 8.1 version! just never downloaded and tested.

good luck!