Showing into 2 screens (TV) for one viewing

Hi there, i am new comer for xibo software, as i know that brand’s commercial has capability to show the content with more than 1 screen (e.g. 2, 4 screens) and the content can be showing into those screens, can xibo do that…?, i don’t find that feature, i really appreciate for your kindly help, thanks a million. Eka

If you have 2 (or more) screens connected to one PC, then you can either:

  • (same content) display Xibo content stretched on both screens, for that you will need layout resolution matching your two screens resolution combined and screen size specified in display profile -> location tab

  • (different content) install two xibo players on one PC, configure them as separate records in CMS with separate display profiles - then specify the offset and screen size in the display profile assigned to the second monitor