Showing 4K UHD layouts on XIBO

We have all 4K UHD ready equipment, displays and android boxes.
Anybody already tried show youtubes 4K as there are?

If your device can output 4k and screen also has 4k resolution then I don’t see why not.

Since you already have the device, you can try right? :slight_smile:

The only downside might be bandwidth consumption / download time, I assume those videos are rather big.

Adjusted database for such layout… Standard there is one already I noticed, a 4k called one.
Remember to add the record first from the CMS GUI and then adjust edit side by PHP-admin.

This because of the interrelational tables and indexes.
Then we run something from youtube to believed to be 4k on a 3840 by 2160 idea our side.

As on HD content on television you never know for sure what real content it is
4k in a title of video does not guarantee anything (especially after upload).

the old 720, 1080i , 1080p discussion. If the start wasnt HD quality after converting/upscaled wont be either. So a Beep HD broadcast with logo from them surely is not 4k, if lucky 1080i

Get real stuff, you get impression you are there amidst the content.

I recommend faster box like Minix U1. Designing in the CMS might be bit slow flutter affair, but the android might really take off.