Show layout immediately, but only once & proof of play delay

CMS Version:

Docker with Version 3.1.1

Player Type:

Linux player (minimalistic configuration: no windowmanager, just X)

Player Version

Linux, Snap: xibo-player, Version 1.8-R6, Rev. 108


I am struggling to get a layout played as soon as possible, but only once.

I tried to schedule a layout with:
start: now
end: now + 5 minutes
priority: >0 (other layouts have 0 and are played all the time)
repeat: every 5 minutes
until: now + 5 minutes

Result: Layout is permanently played, not every 5 minutes, even quiet some time after the end/until.
I tried priority=0, interrupt layout, and other setting: repetition occurs.

What is the time approximately I have to wait to get a proof of play?

BTW: I am currently implementing a booking platform to collect and play content from different providers. One of them gives me a 5 minute time slot to play the content and get a proof of play.
It contains a Python implementation for calls to the Xibo API (this took me some time, maybe someone is interested).
It is open source: Xibo Booking System.
Any feedback is welcome.

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