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I’am just starting with Xibo so I’m not shure if this is even possible:

My plan is to show several images on my display. Each of this images should be displayed X times per day for Y seconds. So for example image A should be visible 100 times for 10 seconds, image B 50 times 20 seconds. How can i set this up?

The background is that i would like to rent the screen for advertisements and the customers should choose how often and for how long their advert is to be seen, depending on their budget. So far it seems to me that if only one customer books an ad on a day, only this would be seen all day, even if he actually only pays for 100 times 10 seconds.

Hopefully you have a way for me how I can solve this problem.

Thank you very much
Moritz :grinning:

I think,you can do it with a playlist.
Don’t think in times per day, but for instance in times per 10 minutes.
For instance if you have a 10 minute playlist (= 600 seconds) you can store 60 images for 10 seconds or some less if you want show images for 20 seconds.
Every 10 minutes the playlist starts again.
If a customer wants 1 show per 10 minutes put only 1 image during 10 seconds, if someone wants 3 images put the image 3 times in the playlist, etc.
Add as many of your own images for 10 seconds to the playlist till you have 600 seconds.
If later a customer wants extra shows replace one of your own images with an image of the customer.

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