Show Data Dynamically in a Table

How can i show data dynamically in a table with each row getting updated with time.

Need to give a demo to a Hotel, they have a screen at reception that shows list of different events at different rooms / ballrooms of the hotel in a table format.

Requirement is to update the Event Name, Location and Timings in real time. If any event is over, it should be remove from the table.

How to go about this?

Hi @aliezzi,

My guess would be to do the following: Hotel must have some way of recording the information about events, be it calendar, excel table or whatever other way. So, you need to pull these information out from that source. If it is calendar that they use you should play a little bit with iCal integration with calaendar widget. To be honest with you I dont know much about calendar widget so I cant help you with that.
One example that comes to my mind is that you should suggest hotel people to use google sheets table to enter data about events. They can setup google sheets with columns that you need (Title of the event, Description, Location, Start time, End time etc…you then publish that particular google sheet as CSV and then in xibo you create dataset that will pull data from google sheet. You can set different interval of how often do you want dataset to be updated. Then, in xibo layout you can use either dataset ticker or dataset view widget to show data from the previously created dataset. By using either integrated functions or specific SQL expressions, you can make whatever logic you want for showing data. For example you can set the widget to show only those events whose end time is greater than current time…and so on. Also, you can achieve similar results by playing wih javascript code but I belive that the example I gave is rather functional and can be very effective.

I hope this will help. Do let us know if this worked for you. Good luck

Hello @rahatnopa , thank you for the suggestion, will work on it and let you know if i have any positive outcome.


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