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I am confused about Layouts, playlists, and the subplaylist widget. I would like to have a campaign with 7 layouts. the last layout should be a playlist of posters (in PDF format). I want the campaign to show every layout, and on the last layout show one of the posters before looping back to the beginning of the campaign. When the last layout comes up again I want a different poster to show. I think I need to use the playlists and subplaylist widget to accomplish this but I am not quite getting it.

Do I setup one playlist with 15 PDFs? Then put that playlist in a subplaylist widget on my layout? How do I setup the options and configurations to make sure only one of the playlist posters is shown on each loop?
Thank you for your time!

I solved this through trial and error by creating a playlist that contains all of the PDFs I want to eventually show off in a timeline.

Next, I made a layout to put the playlist on. I added the sub-playlist widget to the screen. I set the General options for this widget to just one playlist, the one I created in the previous step. I left Spots blank, and Spot Length blank. and set Spot Fill to Repeat.

Under Configuration I set the options to Auto, Add, Enable Cycle Based Playback, Play count 1, and random widget each cycle. The time should equal the number of slides times the number of seconds per slide. So even though my sub-playlist in the widget shows 225 seconds (15 items * 15 seconds a piece), because I choose play count as 1, only one of the pdfs will show each time the layout is called.

Save all this up, get it published out to your layout, then add that layout to your campaign. Each time the layout comes up, a random PDF from the playlist is chosen and displayed.

In our shop display, I now have two sub-playlists that help make the slideshow less monotonous. The first sub-playlist has 15 different cybersecurity PDFs, and the second sub-playlist has about 20 flashy images showing off our products. Each time around only one random pdf (or image) shows from each sub playlist. Each sub-playlist is in its own layout.
So far this is working just like I wanted.

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