Shifting HDMI ports when schedule comes


Suppose I have a tv with 2 HDMI ports. One port is connected to the client(HDMI1) and the other one is connected to a set top box(or some other source connected to HDMI2). By default the port will be HDMI2. I want to automatically shift from HDMI2 to HDMI1 when a schedule comes to the client. Could you please suggest any idea for this. Is it possible if I’m working using windows client?

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Xibo has no control over the HDMI ports in the system. It’s just a window running on the desktop like Word or Notepad is.

would not be possible using shell commands?

If you do a bat script to do that action, you should not have a problem.

Even if the tv has api (philips smart tv for ex), could also make a call to the web api function and 1 second display.

There are several ways, but it should be possible;)

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Hi ,

Thank you Hector :smile: Is it like passing the arguments for the bat script by adding a shell command and we have to add shell command with every layout we create?

I did not realize that they are 2 hdmi in windows in the system, if not control input tv.

This would depend mainly on whether the TV has api. What model TV do you use?

If the TV does not have api, just could do with some external hardware. Arduino mini and IR LED and by a serial command to send the IR input change to the TV.

That certainly can be done, but a little knowledge of arduino necessary.

I would not mind to try and share the code with the community, but there is the problem that each TV has different commands for each function.

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There are a number of specialist ‘signage display’s’ that have external control of their settings.

Power on / off, input, volume etc. These sets are not cheap. Often 3 or 4 times the price of a tv.

have a look at screens like this:
42WL30MS but these are £800

Were as the these blaupunkt 40 inch sets are £199.

there are projects to control TVs from linux using their infrared remotes - if you enjoy some hobby electronics then check out