Sharepoint RSS Feed through https

Hi I can’t seem to get an RSS Feed to display through https on my Xibo setup. I have checked in Modules and Curl is enabled and ticked.

Is this because it will be being blocked by Windows Authentication?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Could you please tell su what CMS and client versions are you using please?

Then it would be good to open status window on your player and see if there are any errors there.

Good Morning Peter,

Both versions I am on for the CMS and Player are 1.7.6

I am just updating the library to pull the content through again on the player and will run the status window.



Morning since then I have upgraded to 1.7.7 with success. Still not sure how to get these to display publicly. We do have Forefront TMG on our network for internal intranets. Which is where this RSS feed sits behind. Is there a way I can use Curl to bypass and do you by chance know how to do this?

perhaps this will help you.

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Thanks Peter,

Interestingly I have just had a go at setting this up. I have managed to get the XML to work but I am not sure how to go about creating the Cron Job I tried to point the Xibo Ticker to the XML it still doesnt’ want to display anything in the Region though. Even though there is content in the XML file. You’ll have to forgive me this is all very new to me.