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In previous versions it was possible to assign a template to a user and give the user only acces to a specific region by checking out the ‘cascade permissions’. This setting is nog available anymore.

Is there a way to assign a template to a user and only allow edit-permissions to some regions?

Hi, if you right click a Region in the Layout Designer, click Edit Sharing:

From here you grant the appropriate access View/Edit/Delete options to Users and User Groups.

Wenn a layout is created all the sharing settings from the template is gone.
I need inheritance of sharing settings from a template to a layout.

When a User creates a Layout they own it and so they automatically have access to everything, including the Template they have chosen to start creating the Layout.
You could give View/Edit/Delete access to the actual Layout and then specify which sections of the Layout they should be interacting with using these options.

Folders are a great way to share user items with multiple users but if you want to restrict interaction with Regions these have to be applied on the Layout itself.

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