Setting up XAMPP on laptop talk to player using localhost

I have a question: I dont have a website or have access to a hosting site as of now but I would like to test xibo out a different way. If I install xampp on my laptop and configure to be a webserver & install the CMS component through the “local” directory would that work? and then if I install the player on another laptop and label the directory as “localhost” would it still read like it would a "normal installation through the web. since xampp has all the tools to create & host I though maybe it would work the same way


This is exactly what i do. I have a local Xampp installation running on my PC. On my Laptop i install the Player. Its my test-environment and it works well. You dont need a Xampp on the "Player-Laptop. Install only the Player on the Client, configure it and connect to the “Server” where Xampp/CMS is running.

I hope my Answer helps.

Greetings Torsten

yes it does. thank you very much for the fast response. much appricated

what did you use to install on windows? I am stuck trying to install xibo through xampp it goes to folder directory

Cameron, if you’re adventurous, I’d suggest spooling up either windows or linux in a VM and installing the cms through docker on that. Then you can run the player either on your host OS, or spool up another vm for windows or android and put the player on that.