Setting up schedule


I dont know if theres easy way to do this.

I have a schedule which i have to put in manually.
I have four layouts for the per week.

  • week1
  • lunchweek1
  • TV
  • Bus time tables

But there is 3 different weeks E.g. week1, week 2 and week 3

Is there a way to repeat one set every 3 weeks



mmm so in this case ie one layout per week.

I think you’d want to:
Schedule layout for a whole week,
On repeat tab, select every 3 weeks

and the same for other layout ie for example
layout1 scheduled for this week with repeat every week 3
layout2 scheduled for next week with repeat every week 3
and so on

It should work fine.

Cool How do i do that? XD

Schedule page in CMS.

Create event
Select layout and displays

Specify time ie for example
Start 12.09.2016 00:00
End 16.09.2016 23:59 (or 18.09 if it should include weekend)

Repeats tab
Repeats weekly
Repeat every 3
Until (some date far into the future)

Thank you.
Makes my life easier.