Set the display interval to every x media or every x minutes



How about allowing the scheduling of a layout / media to be repeated every 4 media, 5 media etc … or every time interval.

User Story

I know it’s possible in a layout or in a group of layouts to insert a media every x other media, repeating it several times to achieve this goal.

However, it would be much more practical if this were only possible by setting this range in the layout or group of layouts.

I suppose they could think in case a media was scheduled for a certain time, and that this moment coincided with the defined interval, in this case the user could choose who would have priority, scheduling by schedule, or scheduling by interval.

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Could you further clarify what your desired outcome would be?

With XMR-Push Messaging changes to layouts and schedules (that affect the current scheduled events) are actioned immediately.

Thank you


The interaction is:
EX1; You can schedule an “X” media to be displayed in the media range,
Every 4 media displayed, the “X” media would be displayed.

EX2; You can schedule “X” media to be displayed in minutes, hours, etc.
Each “Y” Period would display the “X” media.
“In this case, if the time set for display matches the display of another media, the” X “media would only be displayed after the current media completion”

This function is important to be able to add the constant display of media quickly, without the need to access layout by layout adding the desired media.

Note: It was NOT POSSIBLE to obtain this result using the “repeats” option in AGENDAMENTS.
Even if the repetition was defined every 1 minute, the media was repeated hundreds of times in a row, only after the rest were played.

Another issue is that when I select the “AWAYS” option the “REPEATS” option disappears.