Set language per user

For organizations it would be useful if they can select a language for a specific user or groups if they have employees speaking different languages.
It also is very useful for Xibo admins doing translations for Xibo, if they can observe the English text used in the context. So you can make better translations.

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You can get the same result just applying the “Detect language” in your CMS Settings

As you can see in this example, the CMS is setted to be in English-GB, but everything is in Brazilian Portuguese, because is my browser language.

So, if another user that uses a different language seted in his own browser, the entire CMS will be in that language (If that language is avaliable).


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I’m aware of that , but it is not always a convenient solution.

Hello @evaret !
Can you develop this a bit more? If possible, explain further why it’s not a convenient solution in all cases! Share your experiences…
I believe that by doing so, it becomes easier to address a point that may be going unnoticed and could become an improvement target :slight_smile:

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