Set Expiry dates for Widgets!

Xibo’s new Toolbar in 2.0.0 brings the added functionality of being able to specify dates and times of assigned Widgets on a Layout.

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I have tried setting this up, and the start date isn’t working. I setup a image in a layout to start showing up in a future date, but it’s showing up right now. Layout is published.

Running Version 2.0.1

Can I ask what version Player you are running? This feature is assessed Player side so if you are currently running a 1.8 Player it will not work.

To ensure that the Expiry Dates functionality is as expected, our support team have tested and have uncovered an issue with Xibo for Windows, which has now been logged:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Running 2.1.0 in windows, and expiry for an jpg does not work.

What Player version are you currently running? This issue was fixed in R201:

Thx for the answer. I let IT look into that. Players are on 1.8.20.

Im running the latest stable player on Ubuntu and I cannot get videos to run at assigned start dates, everything in the timeline just plays regardless of setting start and end times.

We are currently working on bringing this feature to the Linux Player but at present Expiry dates are not yet supported: Supported Features

Thank you