Set Duration as Infinity In layout

Hi Experts , @DanBW @dan

Is it Possible to Set Duration as Infinity In layout . If possible how?
Please help me to achieve the goal

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Thank you for your message. It is not possible to set a duration for a layout to be infinite. Please also note that this would not be recommended, as setting a layout to run for a very long time can cause issues with the performance. Please also note that depending on how you have configured the player, this would also delay or stop new scheduled layouts from displaying on your player.

If you have a layout that you would like to show all of the time, I would recommend setting your event to display always and make sure that you have set a layout duration that is long enough that it will not refresh the media content too often but also will not have an over long duration that could effect the performance of your player/device.

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Got the things very clear , Thank you