Set correct time on multiple Minix boxes

I currently have several minix boxes running Xibo and I’ve got the time showing on all of the layouts. The problem is that the time seems to be slightly different with each minix box. Is there a way to set the clock universally on all the Minix boxes using the xibo CM? Thanks

Xibo does not support sync between players, so it might not be ideal - should be better in 1.8 with XMR though.

You can set the time on android boxes from the CMS, in display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> Advanced tab -> Use CMS time?

Of course your devices need to be rooted for that option to work correctly.

Use NTP?
From command line: ntpd -p

Sorry, I’m new to this. Where do I run those commands?

Xibo can send commands to the devices (although I would highly recommend another ‘remote management solution’).

You can also run it from ADB (Android Debugger) or a Terminal application.