Server Log error when checking License

When we request Check License for a new Android client, the server logs the following error:

51542 d21077b 2022-01-26 12:43 WEB POST ERROR /android_licence.php Not found.

Correct License Pool address is configured and the pool has valid licenses available.

Anyone any ideas?

Hi ckp-tsatrust, thanks for the message.

Can you confirm if your player is failing to license with your pool at this time or if it is licensed but you are also seeing this error?
This could be a reference to the on premise licensing module, which the player attempts to locate if it does not succeed at retrieving a license from a pool. If you do not have one then the error may not suggest an issue and could in fact be expected.
Please can you create a ticket for this issue using this form? We can discuss in more detail what is happening with your player and also check your license pool without having to discuss it publicly. When you open the ticket please make sure to include the following information so we can begin troubleshooting the issue straight away:

To be clear, please do not post this information on the forum but make sure to include it in your ticket.

  • A screenshot of the status page from the player. This guide explains how to access that.
  • A screenshot of the error you are seeing.
  • A screenshot of the screen when you click the check license option in the player, not your CMS.
  • The email address for your license pool.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, yes had found the XIBO Android Helpdesk since originally posting and now have a ticket open

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