Sending email via internal relay

Hi, first up, thanks for an awesome product.
I have everything setup and functioning at a POC level at the moment before I can demonstrate to management.
My problem is that I need to be able to send the maintenance emails via our internal mail relay.
As I’m not to sure how Xibo sends emails, I’m not keen to try and mod it yet.

If I could get an idea of how emails are sent or what I can do to add our internal mail relay, that would be greatly appreciated.


In 1.7 series emails are sent with the php mail function. In 1.8 they will be sent with phpmailer.

As for where you would add config for a relay, I am not entirely sure. We may need to add some config for username/password.

Thanks for Guidance

i will add this to my project also

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the response - much appreciated. Our internal relay is open to our internal network IP range and doesn’t require a password. I had a look through the mainenance.php file and came across as entry for “SendEmail” which I thought may have been it.
I know you can add a SMTP relay to phpmailer, but don’t know if I can change the 1.7 code to accept smtpmailer.

You mentioned that 1.8 uses phpmailer - is 1.8 stable enough for a demo to the bosses?

Thanks again,

I wouldn’t recommend using 1.8 for anything other than testing at present - I am just getting myself in the habit of suggesting solutions in both.

1.7 uses the standard PHP mail function (which uses SMTP to local host), which you should be able to configure to use your relay.

Thanks - I’ll leave it at 1.7 for the time being.
Apart from “maintenance.php” is there any other areas that call the mail() function?

I’d be interested in seeing if I can replace php-mail with phpmailer. I’d do it in a VM first then move to prod if I can get it to work.


Everywhere it is used it is passed through the Kit class SendEmail method - so you should be able to make your changes there and have them apply everywhere.