Send content to a display with linux (weight balance)

Good Morning

We need to send content to a display with linux (weight balance). Could you do with the xibo API services? Could we develop a module? Could you give us some idea?

Thank you very much

Yes you could do that with the API - depending on your use case, data frequency, etc, there are a few different choices. The most obvious is designing a layout with a DataSet widget on it, and then using the API to push data into the DataSet

Thank you very much for the reply

What we would need would be to be able to program / send an image from xibo to a screen that is in a terminal with linux. It would be enough to leave the photo on a linux route, the terminal would take the photo and show it.

Could you guide us. How could you develop a module in xibo?

Thank you so much for everything

Sorry, I misunderstood your original question - Xibo doesn’t currently have a Linux player - so what you want to do is not possible.

There is a project within Xibo to bring back the Linux player, but that project is in its infancy at the moment and won’t be at an alpha stage for some time yet.

I originally thought you had a linux based weight balance, which you wanted to use to control a Windows/Android display (which we do have players for). This would be possible by running an application on the linux balance, which communicated with the Xibo CMS and sent Layouts to the display.